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Bluey Family Cruiser Campervan Playset


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  • Flip And Fold Fun
    Bluey’s Caravan Adventures Playset is loaded with features and things to do as you take a caravan holiday! It’s not only a caravan, flip and fold it out to transform it into a fantastic playset revealing different rooms for Bluey and her family and friends! There are so many things to do and areas for play!
  • Play In Different Places
    When you open up the caravan you discover different play areas! Flip up the roof to find a cool bedroom with bunk beds for Bluey and Bingo to sleep in. Open up the back of the caravan and get ready to cook up a storm in the kitchen. Have a look inside the oven to see what’s for lunch. Pull up a seat around the dinner table in or outside the caravan. I hear that toasted marshmallows may be on the menu!
  • Customize Your Caravan
    Bluey’s Caravan Adventures Playset comes with a cute sticker sheet so you can decorate your caravan. There are stickers of Bluey and Bingo’s favorite things that they have brought along with them, as well as food and other important items that make a caravan holiday more fun!
  • So Many Accessories
    Bluey’s Caravan Adventures Playset come with so many accessories to create a memorable holiday. There is even a toy campfire and a toy marshmallow accessory. This amazing transforming playset also includes a 2.5″ Figure of Bluey’s new friend Jean Luc!
  • Compatible with the Heeler 4WD Family Vehicle
    Bluey’s Caravan Adventure Playset is compatible with the Heeler 4WD Family Vehicle. Hook it up and hit the highway! Plus all other Bluey figures are the perfect size to fit in caravan. There are so many adventures to be had as your child imagines and creates new vacation adventures with this fun playset
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